This Blog is for Mafia Wars player all around the world and especially for Mafia Wars player from Malaysia. This is a great game created by Zynga and for FaceBook game!!! I create this blog because those that already play this game and already know how they encounter difficulties if they got no advice or help from others that at higher level......some have to go through hard time and for those that just begin playing get even worst. This blog will help them go through all this and with all the posting from player low to higher level, we can share and learn how to play a better Mafia Wars game and be a stronger Mafia family!!!! Cheers!!!!!

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We love the game!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get More Property Parts Without Spam or Reward Points

Get More Property Parts Without Spam or Reward Points

Thanks to Atillia, we now have a third and better way to get those annoying upgrade parts for our Sports Bars. Follow the steps below to upgrade your property to Level 10 the fast way.

1.  Open 3 windows in Mafia Wars.
2.  Go to your Sports Bar Module and click on "View Parts" in each window.
3. Now go to one of each "Ask For More" buttons in each window.
4. Click on one "Ask For More Parts" in each window to get your requests. DON'T publish them.

Window #1
Window #2
Window #3
5. Steps 5-8 need to be done for each requests opened in each window.  Right click over the blue "Your Name needs more Property Part to build a Sports Bar" link and select "
6.  Go to and paste the links from above into the tiny url generating box then click on "Make TinyURL!".
7. Copy your shortened link.
8. Paste it into your status update and post.
9. Sit back an wait for your mafia members to send you all the parts you need. They may get errors but you still get the parts. I was on Level 6 and needed a total of 9 parts when I first posted my 3 links.
Within minutes, I was ready to updgrade.
To my surprise, I got enough parts to get to Level 10. The more your mafia members click, the more parts you will get.
I built my crappy ruby Level Sports Fanatic and can do so every 8 hours. I don't really care if they roll me back. The item sucks and I get the same amount of Attack Points on Level 7 as I do on Level 10. 
Crafting items from your Sports Bar does not count towards Family Progression.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Add-ons/Bookmarklets/Scripts Missing? - SOLUTION !

Add-ons/Bookmarklets/Scripts Missing? - SOLUTION !

I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook regarding the tools that players are using are missing starting today.
Here's a Solution to solve the problem. It have been tested out personally by me, and it worked..

STEP: 1 and 2



(Please click on "Save Changes" after unchecking the box.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Battle!!!

Family Battles

OMG, enough with the new crap already. I refuse to spend anymore time trying to figure everything out so the Customer Support document will need to be good enough. Questions can be asked on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page and I will make a follow up post when I feel like it. For now here is a reprint. Feel free to make corrections in the comments. Go here to check for updates.

Family Battles

Updated 09/16/2011 at 02:51
User-added image

Q:  What is the Family Battle all about?A:  This feature will allow your Family to engage in battle with other Families to earn rewards in pursuit of proving which Family has the most muscle.

Q:  Who can start a Family Battle?A:  The Family Battle can only be started by the Godmother/father or Underboss.

Q:  How do we select a Family to go to battle with?A:  You will be able to select from Families who have similar rank or ice count.

User-added image

Q:  Is there a limit on the number of Battles that we can be engaged in at the same time?A:  Your Family can only be engaged in one Battle at a time.

Q:  How are the results of our Battles displayed?A:  Up to 5 previous Battle results will be displayed and will show the winner/loser, ice count, and score.

Q:  How is the progress for our Family Battle measured?A:  The mastery bar is increased for each Family after each Battle that has been engaged.  Wins will result in higher mastery, however, the Family will still earn some mastery even if they incur a loss.

Q:  What is the Family icon and what does it mean?A:  Mastery Badges are awarded to Families at each mastery level.  Every Family will start at level 1.

Q:  What is the maximum mastery level that can be earned?A:  Initially there are 15 mastery levels/badges that a Family can earn.  This number may be increased over the lifetime of this feature.
Q:  Will our Family be able to brag about reaching a new mastery level?A:  Yes!  Each time that you reach a new level you will have the option of posting a brag feed to your profile.

Q:  Are there different types of Battles?A:  Each Family will be able to engage in two types of Battle.  When the Godmother/father decides to engage in Battle with another Family they will have the option of selecting between a 4 hour battle or a 48 hour battle.

Q:  What happens after our Family has chosen another Family to do Battle with?A:  After making your selection for Battle an email will be sent to the opposing Family.  They will have the option to decline the battle or engage your challenge.  Should the Battle be rejected you will receive a notification that they have declined.

Q:  How many active requests to engage a Battle can my Family have?A:  Each Family can have up to 10 active Battle requests at any time.

Q:  Is there an expiration for the Battle requests that have been sent?A:  Each request will expire after 5 days.

Q:  What will happen if we are engaged in a Battle and one of our other requests is accepted?A:  That Family will receive a notification that you are currently engage in another Battle.

Q:  Are there timers for the Battles?A:  There will be two distinct timers for each Battle.  The first timer is a countdown timer that will let you know when the Battle begins.  Any activity during this countdown will not count towards to the Battle.  The Battle Timer (4 or 48 hour) will start when the countdown timer concludes.  You will have until this timer runs out to defeat your opponent.

Q:  How will we know who is winning the Battle?A:  There is a Battle Status Meter which will show you the current score and the time remaining in the Battle.

User-added image

Q:  How do I participate in the Family Battle?A:  On the Family page you will need to click the Battle tab.  It will show your active battle and generate a list of participants. You can engage each opposing Family member individually, or if there are not any currently available you can attack the Family directly.

User-added image

Q:  What will determine who wins the Battle?A:  Each Family member can earn points towards winning the Battle by icing, killing, and attacking the opposing teams fortress. If the timer runs out before the Battle has been finished the Family with the highest score will win.  When the Battle has been completed a pop-up will show a summary of the Battle.

Q:  What is the fortress?A:  The fortress is a way to attack the Family directly if there are no live targets in the opposing Families fight list.  The fortress attack button is only available when there are no live targets and will not be visible if there are players in the fight list for the opposing Family.

Q:  What do we receive for taking part in a Family Battle?A:  Each fight action taken will earn individual fight experience along with fight loot.  Your Family will also receive Family Battle mastery points for both wins, and losses.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Monday, September 12, 2011

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Friends by Team Spockholm

Family Friends by Team Spockholm

One thing that can cause drama (or a few laughs) in a family is when someone notices that they were attacked by one of their own. It can be difficult to look up all of your family members to make sure you are friends and in each others mafia. I get a lot of Friend Request and sometimes I miss the ones from my family members. Team Spockholm has come up with an easy way for you to make sure all of your family members are also your Facebook friends. The Family Friends bookmarklet will do a scan and let you know who is in your family but not your friend and will provide a Facebook ID link so you can send a Friend Request. To start using this handy tool, follow the instructions below.

1.  Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Experimental Page and locate the Family Friends bookmarklet and drag it up to your bookmark toolbar.
2.  Go to your Mafia Wars game and unframe it. From any page, click on Family Friend which is now in your bookmark toolbar. In a few seconds a list of all your family members will appear. The ones who aren't your friends will have a big red "Not friend" in front of their name.
3.  Click on the yellow Facebook ID# link and one of two things will happen. It will generate a Friend Request which will be sent to your non-friend family member when you click on "Add Friend".
If the family member in question has already sent you a Friend Request but you haven't responded, it will generate a Facebook friend confirmation popup.
4. Another cool feature of this bookmarklet is you can get a list from any family as long as you have the ID#. This is handy for large families who had to resort to having sub-families thanks to Zynga and their 100 family member limit. To get another families ID, use the Family ID bookmarklet. Simply add the Family ID# to the box located at the bottom of your family list and click on the "Load other family" button.

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