This Blog is for Mafia Wars player all around the world and especially for Mafia Wars player from Malaysia. This is a great game created by Zynga and for FaceBook game!!! I create this blog because those that already play this game and already know how they encounter difficulties if they got no advice or help from others that at higher level......some have to go through hard time and for those that just begin playing get even worst. This blog will help them go through all this and with all the posting from player low to higher level, we can share and learn how to play a better Mafia Wars game and be a stronger Mafia family!!!! Cheers!!!!!

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We love the game!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MW daily bonus and other games reward 6/3/2012

Become more powerful with a FREE attack point! <-- Claim your FREE attack point!

Zynga Bonus for Today
E-mail bonus reward for Today (Mafia Wars)
FREE Attack point (Mafia Wars)
Daily E-mail Reward for Mafia Wars 2
3 Free Spins (Mafia Wars)
Toolbar Bonus (Mafia Wars)
CityVille Daily Bonus
Free 3 Energy for Hidden Chronicles

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